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Welcome to Stripper Zone!

The mega-store created
for dancers by dancers who know!

We know what it's like to shop all day when you've been working all night.
Wouldn't you rather be working out or working on your tan?! Going out with friends? Sleeping in??
We thought so!

Well, now you can shop for all those things you need for the club, or for your private collection, in one place - Stripper Zone!

Get your shopping bag ready and check out our super selection of hot stripper clothing, fun, sexy costumes,
dancer shoes, boots and dancer accessories...

And don't forget to tell us what we're missing! We're still adding new items and always looking for requests!
If you need it, and we can find it.. We'll do our best to get it.

Check out our newly restocked stripper pole section 

Click for details on the 2pc Pinup Sailor

2pc Pinup Sailor

Includes Romper with Bow & Button Detail & Hat with Bow

Click for details on the 4pc Sherwood Robyn

4pc Sherwood Robyn

Click for details on the 3pc Lavender Fairy

3pc Lavender Fairy

Click for details on the 5pc Duty Calls

5pc Duty Calls

Click for details on the 3Pc Enchanting Queen of Hearts

3Pc Enchanting Queen of Hearts

Click for details on the 3Pc Fraulein Sweetheart

3Pc Fraulein Sweetheart

Click for details on the 5pc Burning Desire

5pc Burning Desire

Click for details on the 2PC Sexy Snow

2PC Sexy Snow

Click for details on the 6Pc Wild West Sheriff

6Pc Wild West Sheriff

Tanks and Shorts
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4pc Military Babe
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    you've been wondering about..
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